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Strong & Healthy

BioSync supplements are designed to optimize equine health and performance. Complete with innovative ingredients to support your horse’s joints, gastrointestinal health, and immune system. Our supplements deliver strength and endurance. Whether you are training in the off season or competition is in full swing, our goal is to help keep your horse comfortable during all stages of life. Founded and operated by veterinarians, our company promises to only provide products backed by scientific data.

Equine Health & Performance Formula

Our natural products help your horse feel and perform its best.

Ingredients Make The Difference

All our products are FEI, USEF, ARCI, AQHA and USDF safe so your horse can continue to take the supplement during the show season.

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Camelina Oil

As a natural source of omegas -3, -6, and -9 fatty acids as well as vitamin E, Camelina oil naturally helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response and supports horses with joint tenderness due to everyday activity. It helps promotes cardiovascular health as well as brain, nerve, eye, digestive, gut, and skin health.

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Bromelain is naturally derived as an extract from pineapple and has many beneficial properties such as muscle recovery support. Scientific research shows that Bromelain enhances exercise tolerance and helps relieve occasional joint stiffness and helps maintain normal healthy cartilage and joint function.

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Boswellia has long been used to help comfort various ailments under the name Frankincense. It has been scientifically proven to enhance bone and joint health and support normal digestive function. Its effects are enhanced when combined with camelina oil.

As a longtime professional, it is my pleasure to recommend BioSync. From my Grand Prix competitor to my 20 year old schoolmaster, all four of my horses thrive on this supplement. Their skin has never looked so healthy. That much shine on the outside is visual evidence of positive internal benefits as well. The support of a healthy inflammatory response and antioxidant protection are especially beneficial to my older horses.

Because BioSync has been developed by veterinarians, I have confidence that my horses are receiving quality ingredients. I’m looking forward to when this product becomes available for dogs, so my Corgi and Labrador can benefit as well.

Leslie McDonald

USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalist

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