Equine Health & Performance Formula


$85–$139 per jug

BIOMATRIX™ Supplements will help your horse feel and perform at its best. Whether you are casually riding at home or competing at horse shows, our goal is to help keep your horse comfortable during all stages of life.

There are no fillers or preservatives in any of our products and all of our ingredients are backed by scientific research. Biomatrix™ is also FEI, USEF, and USDF safe.

Our proprietary blend of ingredients offers a wide variety of health and performance benefits:

Health Benefits:

  • supports optimal functioning of joints, muscle, and connective tissue
  • promotes digestive and overall gut health
  • provides immune system and cardiovascular support
  • helps maintain normal nervous system function
  • promotes healthy skin and good coat color

Performance Benefits:

  • promotes a healthy inflammatory response associated with daily exercise and competition
  • enhances exercise tolerance and supports normal muscle recovery
  • helps maintain joint mobility and relieves joint stiffness

1/2 gallon: 14–30 day supply
1 gallon: 30–60 day supply

Buy individually below or subscribe monthly to make sure you don’t run out.

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